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Be The Change Behavior Plan

Character Card Behavior Plan

Valley Center Intermediate School has used a conduct card system since the building was created a few years ago.  This model has been changed and modified in the past couple of years to try and do what is best for our students.  With that in mind, our Building Leadership Team and staff have had multiple meetings to determine the direction that VCIS will go when it comes to a building wide behavior model.  .

The Character Card system gives teachers the opportunity to provide immediate feedback for students not following the behavioral expectations of the school.  When the teacher signs a student’s card, the student has a verbal and visual reminder that the behaviors expressed were inappropriate.  The card lets the students know where they stand in relationship to consequences, providing a behavior changing phenomenon for students who might typically push the behavioral envelope.  The card places the responsibility of positive behavior on the shoulders of the student.  Consequences are no longer subjective and students know the expectations for behavior up front.

The card system also allows the building to celebrate the positive behavior success of our students.  With opportunities for extended freedoms, prizes and rewards, students should find themselves motivated by the positive possibilities rather than the negative consequences.  Students who may have had a troubled past start with a clean slate each nine weeks and have the same opportunities as any other student in the building.  

Character Card Procedures:
  • Students will be given a Character card each quarter.
  • Students will carry this Character card every day.
  • Students can receive a "mark" on their Be the Change card for not demonstrating the following behaviors:
    • Caring for Others, Showing You Care
    • Helping One Another
    • Always Doing What's Right, Being Honest
    • Never Giving Up, Keep Going
    • Getting Stuff Done, Being Prepared
    • Everyone Having Value, Respect
  • When a student has accumulated five (5) marks they will be issued a consequence.The consequences will get progressively more severe as students accumulate more marks.The color of Be the Change card will also change as students receive more marks.
  1. Purple card (Starting Card) - 5 marks = 30 minute detention
  2. Green card - 5 marks = 1 hour detention
  3. Yellow card - 5 marks = 2 hours of detention (split into two different days)
  4. Red A card - 5 marks = 1 day of in-school suspension
  5. Red B card - 5 marks = 3 days of in-school suspension
  6. Red C card - 5 marks = 1 day of out-of-school suspension
  7. Red D card - 5 marks = 3 days of out-of-school suspension
  8. Red E card - 5 marks = 5 days of out-of-school suspension
  • Parents/Guardians will also either receive a phone call or e-mail for every mark that his or her student receives.This will help us work together to make sure our kids are acting properly in school and create that home connection that is so important to student success.
  • If a student receives five marks on his or her Be the Change card, an e-mail is sent to the parents to notify them of this consequence. Detentions will be issued at various times before or after school or during lunch when schedules do not permit another time.
Rewards &Recognition
Gold card privileges:
Students who do not have any marks on their cards for a period of three-weeks will receive a “Gold" card. Students will keep this pass as long as they do not receive any marks.Some privileges include but are not limited too: Early morning dismissal from the gym; front of the line and free seating during lunch; Special Activity (Fun Nights); electronic device day participation and many other incentives.