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The school in the 100 block of South Park was built in 1917. The two-story brick building had classrooms for elementary and high school children. There was a library room, an auditorium, cooking, sewing and manual arts rooms, a gymnasium with showers and, best of all — indoor toilets.

This school later became known as Park School. What remains on this site is the old manual arts or vocational agriculture sciences building, currently used as a shop and warehouse. U.S.D. 262 administrative offices also were built on this site in later years.

After World War II and in 1946, Prairie Queen and other rural schools were closed, and children were bused to Park School. At least three of the one-room school buildings were moved onto land around Park School and were used for various classes due to the rapid growth of the school system.

The flagpole from Park School is in the back yard of what used to be Ralph and June Spencer's home on North Park, across from the Methodist Church. Ralph was on the school board when the school was razed, and he obtained the pole.


Class of 1939, Winnie Pocock Mark

Class of 1940, Armenta Lygresse Watson
Home: 316-838-7619

Class of 1941, Ruth Kalp Robbins
Home: 316-755-0227

Class of 1942, Lois Pocock Kelley
Home: 316-838-8754

Class of 1943

Class of 1944, Rogene Matson
Home: 316-744-0478
Email: rogenematson@aol.com

Class of 1945, Claire Evans

Class of 1946, Pat Myers Postlethwait
Home: 316-744-2275

Class of 1947, Marilyn Stauffer Grandfield
Home: 316-838-5661
Email: mjgrandfield@gmail.com

Class of 1948, Virginia Lipke
Home: 316-755-1648
Email: vlipke@cox.net

Class of 1949, Doyle Bachelder
Home: 316-755-1322

Class of 1950, Carol Rickard Allen
Home: 361-579-0333

Class of 1951

Class of 1952, Max Weddle
Home: 316-685-7839
Email: maxweddle@cox.net

Class of 1953, Deborah Spencer Kelly
Home: 316-838-0577
Email: dkelly0577@att.net

Class of 1954, Sue Underwood Stevens  
Home: 316-744-0329

Class of 1955, Zaida Newcomer Walters
Home: 316-744-0249

Class of 1956, Marilyn Carey
Home: 316-755-1892 

Class of 1957, Darlene Botts Richards
Home: 316-755-1619

Class of 1958, Carmen Warner Anderson
Home: 785-449-2516
Email: carmenanderson@embarqmail.com

Class of 1959, Jean Frankbery Stahl
Home: 316-722-5863
Email: jgstahl62@aol.com

Class of 1960, Mary Lou Chestnut Rivers
Home: 316-755-1314
Email: marylourivers67204@gmail.com 

Class of 1961, #1 Karen Carey Hummel
Email: kchummel1@gmail.com

#2 Vicki Reffner Kingsbury 
Home: 316-755-1056
Email: vskingsbury@msn.com

Class of 1962, Cheryl Johnson Howlett  
Home: 620-532-3436
Cell: 316-295-8073
Email: chowlett622@hughes.net

Class of 1963, Jerry Brink Hoffine
Home: 316-831-0027
Email: jhoffine@yahoo.com

Class of 1964, #1 Linda Mann Dixon
Home: 316-773-9252
Email: linlib@att.net

#2 Susan Schnackenberg Williams
Home: 410-935-4180
Email: doncw@msn.com

Class of 1965, Drew Hamilton  
Home: 316-688-0175
Email: drew_hamilton@sbcglobal.net

Class of 1966, Nancy Wilson Anderson
Home: 316-755-0205
Email: nancyruthanderson@att.net

Class of 1967, Terry Gideon
Home: 316-755-0926
Email: vcgideons@sbcglobal.net

Class of 1968, Cheryl ReQua O'Connor
Home: 904-443-6252
Email: cheryloconnor@bellsouth.net

Class of 1969, Melissa Unruh Crawford
Home: 316-943-1504
Email: shcmrc12@att.net

Class of 1970, Susan Carnahan Sayler
Cell: 316-617-2222 
Email: purplelle@cox.net

Class of 1971, Jane Sawhill Freed
Home: 316-755-1677
Email: mjfreed6971@hotmail.com

Class of 1972, Olivia Johnson Wilbur
Home: 316-832-0999
Email: olivia.wilbur@icloud.com

Class of 1973, Paul Haas
Home: 316-721-0894
Email: p_haas@cox.net

Class of 1974, Susan Berwick Harris
Home: 316-755-2133
Email: tharris734@aol.com 

Class of 1975, Debbie Anderson Edwards
Home: 316-651-6158

Class of 1976, Ronda Lackey-Schwab
Home: 316-393-0567 
Email: rodawriter@yahoo.com

Class of 1977, Debbie Widick Anderson
Home: 316-721-3824
Email: debbieanderson2@cox.net

Class of 1978, Lori House Chandler
Home: 316-772-0233
Email: lorichandler22@yahoo.com

Class of 1979, Candy Evans Edmundson
Home: 316-841-3197
Email: candiedmundson@att.net

Class of 1980, LeAnn Barnes 
Home: 316-648-5029
Email: leann.fluker@gmail.com 

Class of 1981, Beth Tweet Massey
Home: 316-755-2146
Email: bbmassey@sbcglobal.net

Class of 1982, Danielle Waller
Email: dwallercota@gmail.com

Class of 1983

Class of 1984, Jolene Dellinger Maltz
Home: 316-755-0673
Email: jmaltz@cox.net

Class of 1985, Shawna Biggars
Email: sbiggard@kice.com

Class of 1986,  Kim Barnes
Home: 316-650-0827
Email: kim.barnes@usd262.net 

Class of 1987, Faith Sayeidson
Home: 316-841-4217

Class of 1988, Wendy Frankenbery Reynolds
Email: reyn00@cox.net

Class of 1989, Anne Arick Carter-hainlen
Work: 316-755-3599
Email: atticanne@sbcglobal.net

Class of 1990, Kara Wilson Beaulieu
Home: 316-207-9020
Email: karab@kw.com

Class of 1991, Maggie Anderson Spratt
Home: 316-755-3567
Email: mspratt@cox.net

Class of 1992, Tony Schaar
Home: 316-755-0197
Email: shockerpa@cox.net

Class of 1993, Karie Williams Bradley
Home: 316-992-8213

Class of 1994

Class of 1995, Rose Marie Wright
Email: rosemariewright@gmail.com

Class of 1996, Ben Anderson
Home: 316-755-0020
Email: gorillastudent@hotmail.com

Class of 1997, Bria Tidemann Lehr
Home: 316-283-7372
Email: brialehr@hotmail.com

Class of 1998, Keri Lehr
Home: 316-655-1061
Email: kerilehr@hotmail.com

Class of 1999, Heather Hipps Thomasson
Home: 405-702-3908

Class of 2000, Blake Pearson
Home: 316-866-2611
Email: blake.pearson@fbfs.com

Class of 2001

Class of 2002, Todd Shults
Home: 316-371-2803
Email: toddot411@gmail.com

Class of 2003, Allison Robertson Freeze
Cell: 620-388-5826
Email: allisonr20@gmail.com

Class of 2004, Chris Edwards
Home: 316-258-3135
Email: cedwards@usd266.com

Class of 2005, Kaci Denny
Home: 316-655-0514
Email: kaci.denny@gmail.com

Class of 2006, Leslie Garren Gimple
Home: 316-755-1049
Mobile: 316-305-1415
Email: lagarren@wichita.edu

Class of 2007, Timothy Koehn
Home: 316-755-1869
Email: koehntim@outlook.com

Class of 2008, Daniel Herman
Cell: 316-807-0110

Class of 2009

Class of 2010, Evan Hamm
Home: 316-755-2218
Email: ehamm@ksu.edu

Class of 2011, Rhianna Kline
Home: 316-737-0856
Email: rhianna521@msn.com

Class of 2012, Silas Hopper
Home: 316-461-5863
Email: silashopper24@yahoo.com

Class of 2013, Ethan Hawkins
Home: 316-737-9762
Email: ethanhawkins73@gmail.com

Class of 2014, Breanna Sayers
Home: 620-708-0534
Email: breanna.sayers@gmail.com
Class of 2015, Kaylee Love
Home: 316-833-6852
Email: klove11@att.net

Class of 2016, Maysa Page
Home: 316-633-1898
Email: maysapage@gmail.com

Class of 2017: Omar Rodriguez
Cell: 316-519-3721
Email: omarzio92@gmail.com

Class of 2018: Hanna Love
Cell: 316-633-0527
Email: hannalove257@gmail.com

Class of 2019: 

Class of 2020: Abbigail Wolf
Email: abbigailwolf@gmail.com