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The Valley Center School District's technology environment includes a high speed networked system extending from all classrooms and provides internet access for students and staff to explore the world. The computers, Chromebooks and iPads in classrooms, labs, offices, and libraries provide a technology-rich environment for all users.

Our changing society and workplace demand citizens who can take responsibility for their own learning and well-being. Educational opportunities that can develop these "leaders of tomorrow" are dependent on the successful integration and delivery of technology to support the new educational goals of the 21st century.

Technology provides educators the unique ability to track student work and creates the opportunity to develop and refine individual learning profiles for all students.

The Valley Center School District recognizes the necessity to provide our students with the technological skills necessary to be productive members of society and achieve world-class results. Students need to be able to define tasks, access information, manipulate data, synthesize concepts, evaluate results and creatively express ideas to others. Technology use in an educational environment promotes cooperative learning, which in turn improves student problem solving, critical thinking skills, communication and cognitive growth.

Technology Resources

Technology Team

Josh Huffman

Bradley Hawthorn
Network Administrator

Jerri Truman
Helpdesk Technician

Jason Cheney
Network Support Tech

Casey Carter
Computer Support Tech

Patrick Vera
Computer Support Tech

Warren Balthazor
Computer Support Tech