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Special Education Services


The Ark Valley Special Education Cooperative (AVSEC) was created to improve special education outcomes for students in the Valley Center, Burrton, and Sedgwick school districts. Special education and related services are provided to students with disabilities who qualify for services ages 3 to 21, and to students who qualify for gifted services Kindergarten to grade 12.


It is the mission of the Ark Valley Special Education Cooperative to ensure that all children with exceptionalities receive high quality special education, related services, and supplementary aids and services using evidence based practices and a growth mindset to meet the individual needs of exceptional learners.


Ark Valley Special Education Cooperative will increase student access and independence in order to create belonging for children with exceptionalities.
ACCESS: Our goal is to help students access the general education curriculum and environment to the greatest possible.
INDEPENDENCE: For every student, our goal every day should be to help them become as independent or interdependent as possible.
BELONGING: “…Every child, with or without disabilities, has the right to belong. They have the right to feel like they belong in a school and in a classroom and the right to not be separated because of differences…”

The AVSEC offices are located in the Valley Center Public Schools Administration building:
143 S. Meridian
Valley Center, KS 67147
Phone: (316) 755-7170
Fax: (316) 755-7171