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Wheatland Elementary

   Rachel McClaran
Photo of Rachel McClaran

  Colleen O'Connor
Photo of Colleen O'Connor

Office Staff
Amber Robinson
Admin Assistant
Photo of Amber Robinson

Rachel Davison
Admin Assistant
Photo of Rachel Davison

Dawn Bryant
Nurse Assistant
Photo of Dawn Bryant

Kennedy Beck
Photo of Kennedy Beck

Katie Harris
Photo of Katie Harris

Kara Loux
Photo of Kara Loux

 Addie Tripp
Photo of Addie Tripp

Abby Younts
Photo of Abby Younts

1st Grade
Laci Chavez
Photo of Laci Chavez

Kelly Green
Photo of Kelly Green

Lauren Ishman
Photo of Lauren Ishman

Kirsten Stanhope
Photo of Kirsten Stanhope

Jordan Trego
Photo of Jordan Trego

2nd Grade
David Hendershot
Photo of David Hendershot

Amber Fortine
Photo of Amber Fortine

Phoebe McCormick
Photo of Phoebe McCormick

Abby Norton
Photo of Abby Norton

Keri Scriven
Photo of Keri Scriven

3rd Grade
Wanda Atkinson
Photo of Wanda Atkinson

 Cindi May
Photo of Cindi May

Peg Meyer
Photo of Peg Meyer

 Kyle Ray
Photo of Kyle Ray

Tammy Venning
Photo of Tammy Venning

Additional Teachers
Tempa Huffman
Photo of Tempa Huffman

Jill Wiechman
Photo of Jill Wiechman

Cortney Crandon
Photo of Courtney Crandon

Shane Mitchell
Photo of Shane Mitchell

Jared McDaniel
Adaptive P.E.
Photo of Jared McDaniel

Amber Creed
Mixed Abilities Teacher
Photo of Amber Creed

Angie John
    Mixed Abilities Teacher
Photo of Angie John

Rachael McGettigan
I.S. Teacher
Photo of Rachael McGettigan

Julie Rader
I.S. Teacher
Photo of Julie Rader

Sophi Frangenberg
Photo of Sophi Frangenberg

Shannon Lutz
Photo of Shannon Lutz

Karen Olsen
Photo of Karen Olsen

Jami Burbach
Learning Support
Photo Jami Burbach

Brandi Peach
Learning Support
Photo of Brandi Peach

Tabatha Gengler
K-2 Literacy Specialist
Photo of Tabatha Gengler

Amy Zwetow 
ELL Coordinator
Photo of Amy Zwetow
Jill McGinn
Photo of Jill McGinn
Lacey Stratton
Photo of Lacey Stratton
Cameron McDaniel
Photo of Cameron McDaniel

Tina Roatch
Social Worker 
Photo of Tina Roatch

Anna Kasel
Social Worker
Photo of Anna Kasel

 Stacy Tucker
Physical Therapist
Photo of Stacy Tucker

Alice Hartman
Physical Therapist
Photo of Alice Hartman
Brittany McGeary
Physical Therapist
Photo of Brittany McGeary

 Belinda Sharp
Occupational Therapist
Photo of Belinda Sharp

Mary Hedlund
Full Time Substitute
Photo of Mary Hedlund

Building Aides
Kayla Frazer
Photo of Kayla Frazer

Raven Hellman
Photo of Raven Hellman

Paras and  Aides
Danielle Billingsly
Photo of Danielle Billingsly

Jan Brown
Photo of Jan Brown

Tabitha Ciesielski
Photo of Tabitha Ciesielski

 Jan Fontes
Photo of Jan Fontes

Sarah Green
Photo of Sarah Green

Beth Lewis
Photo of Beth Lewis

Shawna Lowder
Photo of Shawna Lowder

Rachael McCaslin
Photo of Rachael McCaslin

Barb Oliphant
Photo of Barb Oliphant

Myra Phillips
Photo of Myra Phillips

Jamie Plante
Photo of Jamie Plante

DeAna Quiring
Photo of DeAna Quiring

Kacie Rapp
Photo of Kacie Rapp

Roxann Reich
Photo of Roxann Reich

Donita Retz
Photo of Donita Retz

Brittni Rodriguez
Brittni Rodriguez

Jennah Southards
Photo of Jennah Southards

Karen Spencer
Photo of Karen Spencer

Food Service

Raven Hellman
Photo of Raven Hellman

Maria Jaso
Photo of Maria Jaso

Tamra Burt
    Photo of Tamra Burt    

 Emilee Kelly
Photo of Emilee Kelly

Sandra Lopez
Photo of Sandra Lopez

     Tamra Burt
      Photo of Tamra Burt

Glynis Schulte
Photo of Glynis Schulte

Brandon Templeton
Photo of Brandon Templeton