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Abilene Elementary



Nick Grummert
Photo of Nick Grummert

  Alysse Bailey
Photo of Alysse Bailey

Office Staff

Diane Truman
Admin Assistant
Photo of Diane Truman

Julie Reffner
Nurse Assistant
Photo of Julie Reffner

Carolyn McCune
 Building Aide
Photo of Carolyn McCune

Pre-K, ECD and Kindergarten

Marsha Schomaker
Photo of Marsha Schomaker

JoAnn Owens

Photo of JoAnn Owens

Loretta Ducommun
Photo of Loretta Ducommun

Rachel Maxwell 
Photo of Rachel Maxwell

Marci Walton
Photo of Marci Walton

 Cheyanne Whitfield
Photo of CheyanneWhitfield

Emma Neyens
Photo of Emma Neyens

1st Grade

Ashley Nold
Photo of Ashley Nold

Rachel Ely
Photo of Rachel Ely


2nd Grade

Sammi Blumanhourst
Photo of Sammi Blumanhourst

  Danielle Morford
Photo of Danielle Morford


3rd Grade

Erica Barton
Photo of Erica Barton

Amy McDaniel
Photo of Amy McDaniel


     Additional Staff

Katie Orr
Learning Support
Photo of Katie Orr

Becky Thompson
Photo of Becky Thompson

Jodi Hammerbacher
Photo of Jodi Hammerbacher

Molly Spencer
Photo of Molly Spencer

Jill Wiechman
Photo of Jill Wiechman

Liz Schoenthaler
Photo of Liz Schoenthaler

Karen Olsen
Photo of Karen Olsen

Shane Mitchell
Photo of Shane Mitchell

Katie Rice
Photo of Katie Rice

Amy Zwetow
ELL Coordinator
Photo of Amy Zwetow

Jared McDaniel
Adaptive P.E.
   Photo of Jared McDaniel

Belinda Sharp
Occupational Therapy
    Photo of Belinda Sharp   

Stacy Tucker
Physical Therapy
Photo of Stacy Tucker

Alisa Kirk
ECD Speech
Photo of Alisa Kirk

Jana Hogan
EC Facilitator Community Based
Photo of Jana Hogan

Michelle Taylor
Social Worker
Photo of Michelle Taylor

Vanessa Eberhart
Photo of Vanessa Eberhart

Anna Kasel
Social Worker
Photo of Anna Kasel

Nancy Adams
Full Time Substitute
Photo of Nancy Adams


    Parents As Teachers

Lauri Fitch
Photo of Lauri Fitch

Julie Rains
Parent Educator
Photo of Julie Rains


Building Aides, Paras and At-Risk Aides

Tracy Omo
Photo of Tracy Omo

Debra Hackney
Photo of Debra Hackney

Stephanie Moore
Photo of Stephanie Moore

Kelly Marten
Photo of Kelly Marten

Darci Folster
Photo of Darci Folster

Misti Breth
Photo of Misti Breth

Lacie Thome
Photo of Lacie Thome

   Marty Underwood
Photo of Marty Underwood

Rachel Massaglia
Photo of Rachel Massaglia

Wendy Farney
Photo of Wendy Farney

Amy Bradley
Photo of Amy Bradley

Lisa Schmidt
Photo of Lisa Schmidt

Danielle Somers
Photo of Danielle Somers

Kara Casad
Photo of Kara Casad 

Kristi Seacat
Photo of Kristi Seacat

 Lynda Schroeder
Photo of Lynda Schroeder
Jessica Harris
Photo of Jessica Harris

 Pam Schmelzle
Photo of Pam Schmelzle
Erika Hughes
Photo of Erika Hughes
Betty Clausel
Photo of Betty Clausel

Food Service

William Frye
Photo of William Frye

Bridget Cox
Photo of Bridget Cox

Vickie Rowland
Lunchroom Aide
Photo of Vickie Rowland


Gloria Monarez
Photo of Gloria Monarez 

Benjamin Blumanhourst
Photo of Benjamin Blumanhourst

Brandon Templeton
Photo of Brandon Templeton