Intern of the Month

February 2017 - Alex Schul

VCHS Intern of the month
By Abigail Sheahan
Last Updated: March 16, 2017
Student intern getting a feel for the pharmacy
The short month of February flew by, and now it's time to announce a new Intern of the Month. Valley Center High School is pleased to award the honor to Alex Schul.

Despite having fewer days in the month, Alex was still able to show how hard he works at his internship. He is learning how to work under pressure interning with Dandurand Drug, a pharmacy in Wichita. 

Alex mentions in his Internship Blog that: "In a pharmacy, working under pressure is the name of the game. There are always multiple different things that need to be done at the same time for different customers, and it's really hard to balance at times. … It is possible, however, and it comes with lots of practice and hard work." 

Interning has taught Alex about professionalism, time management, organization, dependability, problem solving and a multitude of other things. He is able to show the value of student internships through the variety of skills he has had the opportunity to work on.

Alex is more than just an intern at Dandurand. He is a pharmacy technician and is state-certified to fill prescriptions. Alex has been dedicated to the internship program since he applied a year ago and continues to show his dedication today. 

Internship Coordinator Cody Lee states: "Alex's strengths are definitely communication and dedication. He has expansive knowledge of pharmacy and has been quite driven since the first day he applied."

Lee goes on to mention that Alex knew the specific type of pharmacy he wanted to intern with and took the initiative to do research to find himself the perfect internship location.

Alex's internship is a huge step toward his career. It's exciting to see the enormous range of valuable skills that the interns learn each month and we're excited to see where it will take Alex.

January 2017Ashlyn Jacobs 

VCHS intern of the month

By Abigail Sheahan
Last Updated: February 16, 2017
Student intern stretches her knowledge of physical therapy

Many Valley Center High School interns started the new year with new internships, but they're still working as hard as ever. As the first month of the new year came to a close, it was time to pick a student as Intern of the Month once again. Congratulations to Ashlyn Jacobs for being chosen as the January Intern of the Month.

Ashlyn is one of many interns who began a new internship at semester. She is a physical therapy intern and has had the opportunity to see how two different businesses operate on a daily basis. Ashlyn stated that for the first semester she interned at Premier Physical Therapy and this semester she is interning at TRUE Physical Therapy. 

She also shared with us some of the differences between the two saying, "At Premier, it was usually just me and Jay, the owner and therapist, and there was mainly just one patient at a time. At TRUE, they have therapy technicians that either start or end with a patient and the therapist is with the patient the other part of the time. They also overlap their scheduling at TRUE instead of just having one patient at a time. It's cool to see the differences between the two clinics."

According to internship coordinator Cody Lee, Ashlyn earned this honor because she "does a phenomenal job at communicating and making sure she is doing the right things at all times. She has put herself out there to gain an even more diverse experience in the physical therapy field this semester, and she found a second internship placement at TRUE Physical Therapy. Ashlyn took the initiative to make contact with potential internship partners, and found a great placement with TRUE Physical Therapy. Ashlyn enjoys making connections and continually provides quality work, timeliness and accuracy in everything she pursues. She is very organized and dedicated to her internship."

Hard work and a dedication to learning will get Ashlyn where she wants to be. She is an ambitious student with a strong work ethic. As one of Ashlyn's closest friends, I know she will go far. Her work in the internship program has shown that she makes the most of every opportunity she is given.

December 2016 - Rachel Worman

VCHS intern of the month

By Abigail Sheahan
Last Updated: January 12, 2017
The holiday season wrapped up with one last Intern of the Month being chosen for 2016. Congratulations to Rachel Worman for earning this honor for December.

Rachel interns at Valley Center High School with Kendra Jantz in the special-needs department. She helps teach a variety of subjects, such as math and science, as well as teaching the students some basic life skills like how to count money and write a check.

In her internship blog, Rachel mentions that professionalism, eye contact and voice projection are important skills to have in the education field.

"Rachel has a great deal of passion and interest in the education field," said internship coordinator Cody Lee. "She loves seeing students light up when they are learning. She has great pride in helping them learn life skills."

Lee also added that since starting her internship, Rachel has greatly increased her confidence and has done a tremendous job of enhancing students' learning by coordinating with teachers and administrators. 

Lee's enthusiasm for her students' success is easy to see, saying, "I have seen Rachel develop some fine leadership skills throughout her experience during her internship. Because of her passion in this field, she will make a great educator one day."

Kendra Jantz, Rachel's supervisor and mentor during her internship, stated: "Rachel is a wonderful asset to the classroom. She shows initiative and isn't afraid to jump right in and take care of what needs to be done. She is starting to find her voice when it comes to leading students. As she continues to learn and grow, she has the potential to be a great teacher."

I agree with Lee and Jantz. As one of Rachel's peers, I know she is a kind-hearted and gentle person with a lot of patience. These traits are not easy to come by and I'm sure they will serve her well. 

November 2016 - Thayer Terwilliger

VCHS intern of the month
By Abigail Sheahan
Last Updated: December 08, 2016

As the month ended and we all had our fill of turkey, Valley Center High School selected a new Intern of the Month once again. The honor has been awarded to Thayer Terwilliger for the month of November.

Thayer interns with Koch Business Solutions as part of the landscape maintenance team. He has his own set of tasks to complete to make sure that the outside of the business is just as organized as the inside. A couple of his tasks include mowing the grass and helping take care of the sprinkler system.

In his internship blog, Thayer mentions that decision-making is an important skill to have in this field. 

"Having this job means many things come into play and knowing when to do them is all up to you," he said. "I've had to decide many things here at Koch, knowing whether to show up earlier so I can get everything on my list completed or to push it off to another day because of rain or other conflicts."

After asking Thayer's supervisor, Brian Kaiser, what impact his internship will have on his future, Brian stated, "Thayer has been a great addition to our team. He is open to learning new processes and has the ability to implement what he learns very quickly. Thayer's ability to integrate into a team setting will serve him well in his future employment opportunities."

Cody Lee, internship coordinator, added, "Thayer has shown tremendous growth in his soft skills since the start of the school year. He is very outgoing and eager to learn about new equipment and more efficient ways of doing things. He is very organized and plans well in advance."

Thayer's preparedness and eagerness to learn are important skills that helped him earn the Intern of the Month title for November. This internship will prepare him for a career in this field and if he keeps up the hard work, he'll do a great job.

October 2016 - Isaac Rivera

Intern of the month
By Abigail Sheahan
Last Updated: November 10, 2016
Intern preparing for politics
As October ended a new Intern of the Month was chosen at Valley Center High School, and that honor went to senior Isaac Rivera.

Isaac interns with Sen. Carolyn McGinn of the 31st District in Kansas. He is interested in becoming a businessman and hopes to one day become a senator. At his internship, Isaac has gotten to participate in Fall Festival parades for both Valley Center and Sedgwick, meet Don Schroeder (Representative for the 74th Kansas House District) and Mike Pompeo (United States House Representative for Kansas' 4th Congressional District), respond to constituent inquiries, and attend chamber meetings for Valley Center, Park City, Bel Aire and Newton.

Isaac stated how grateful he was to have been named Intern of the Month and said, "I want to reiterate my gratitude for this unique opportunity afforded to me this year."

Internship coordinator Cody Lee said, "Isaac is very driven and focused on becoming a U.S. Senator.  That's not something you hear from many high school students. He is actively involved in DECA, FBLA and student council. Those experiences will set him up for success because he is a leader in those organizations."

Lee also mentioned that Isaac is getting the chance to see first-hand what a senator does, which is an opportunity few people receive.

Isaac received the Intern of the Month honor for his hard work and dedication to his internship. He spends extra hours outside of school helping Senator McGinn and is willing to put himself outside of his comfort zone to get the most out of his experience.

September 2016 - Logan Poole

VCHS intern of the month

By Abigail Sheahan
Last Updated: October 13, 2016

It's a new school year, which means an all-new set of seniors for the Valley Center High School Internship Program.

Logan Poole has earned the honor of being the first Intern of the Month for the 2016-17 school year.

Poole interns for Dr. Tom Troilo's dental office and is interested in becoming a dental hygienist. In her internship blog, Logan mentions that everyone working at Troilo's has been welcoming and that they seem to enjoy taking time out of their busy schedules to help her learn. She says her internship has taught her that "preparation and organization are extremely important in the workforce."

"Without organization it is impossible for a business to operate," Poole said. "In the health field industry it is even more important workers show up prepared and organized."

Cody Lee, internship coordinator at the high school, said Poole also is interested in being involved with the community.

"She shows a sincere interest in working with and getting to know patients and other community members," Lee said. "Valley Center High School is grateful to Tom Troilo, DDS, and his staff for allowing students the opportunity to intern and become a part of their facility. The skills our students are gaining cannot be compared to any training they can receive in the classroom."

In addition to her regular internship hours, Poole goes above and beyond to further her knowledge of dentistry. With the help of Troilo and his staff, she has taken professional development courses online for preventive dentistry, dental anatomy, and optimal oral health care for patients before, during and after pregnancy. 

This is the kind of hard work and dedication that earned Poole the honor of Intern of the Month for September.

* Communication Skills
* Professionalism
* Meeting Goals/Making Positive Progress
* All Work Turned in On Time
* Positive Communication Initiated by Supervisors
* Going Above and Beyond
* Teamwork
* Determination
* Thinking Outside the Box
* Integrity
* Listening
* Flexibility/Adaptability
* Leadership
* Planning/Organization
* Other General Soft Skills