Abilene Counselor
Randy Horn
316.755.7020 x2030

I bring a total of thirty-seven years of classroom counseling/teaching experience to the role of elementary counselor. My goal as the school counselor is to address the social/emotional and educational needs of our students by providing weekly classroom guidance lessons, individual counseling, and group counseling. 

As the school counselor, I teach and implement the Kansas Curricular Standards for School Counseling.  The standards address personal/social, academic, and career development. Classroom lessons are based on the developmental needs of students.  Lessons use cross-curricular skills including: literature, theater, writing, music, social studies, and science.

Students may see the counselor individually by self, parent, teacher, or principal referral, or by counselor invitation. Parents are notified of small group activities.  Skill-specific small group activities will be with signed parent permission slip.

I am one piece of the puzzle in partnership with other educators, parents, administration, and the community to provide support to maximize student potential and academic achievement.

Randy Horn