West Elementary
  Mark Hoy
Photo of Mark Hoy
  Donna Glover
Photo of Donna Glover

Office Staff
Tiffany Moses
Photo of Tiffany Moses
Rosa Lumbreras
Photo of Rosa Lumbreras

Jami Dessenberger
Photo of Jami Dessenberger

Dalenda Hoy
Photo of Dalenda Hoy

1st Grade
Courtney Mayer
Photo of Courtney Mayer
Sarah Ingle
Photo of Sarah Ingle

Trish McFarland
Photo of Trish McFarland


 Jessica Ramsay
Photo of Jessica Ramsay 
2nd Grade
Drenda Higgins
Photo of Drenda Higgins
David Hendershot
Photo of David Hendershot
Terry Peterson
Photo of Terry Peterson
  Rachel Ishman
Photo of Rachel Ishman
3rd Grade
Ronda Daniels
Photo of Ronda Daniels
Angela Heier
Photo of Angela Heier
Claire Yost
Photo of Claire Yost
Erin Moreno
Photo of Erin Moreno
Community Based ECD
Trish Bosken
Photo of Trish Bosken

Jana Hogan
Photo of Jana Hogan
Additional Staff
Sharon Coleman
Learning Support
Photo of Sharon Coleman

Pam Rivera
Learning Support
Photo of Pam Rivera

Mandy Cundy
Photo of Mandy Cundy
Lorie Schaller
Photo of Lorie Schaller
Megan Davis
Photo of Megan Davis
Tiffany Steinbacher
Photo of Tiffany Steinbacher

Mary Mitchell
Photo of Mary Michtell
Sue Lincicome
Photo of Sue Lincicome

Patti Paulson
Photo of Patti Paulson

Stacy Tucker
Physical Therapist
Photo of Stacy Tucker
Vanessa Eberhart
Occupational Therapist
Photo of Vanessa Eberhart
Amy Zwetow
   ELL Coordinator
Photo of Amy Zwetow

Jared McDaniel
Adaptive P.E.
     Photo of Jared McDaniel   
Sharon Matz
Photo of Sharon Matz

Karla Martens
Photo of Karla Martens

Adriana Lumbreras
Photo of Adriana Lumbreras

Michelle Drinkwater
Social Worker
Photo of Michelle Drinkwater
Alyson Wilson
Library Aide
Photo of Alyson Wilson

Building Aides
Mandy Johnson
Photo of Mandy Johnson

Jaque Davis
Photo of Jaque Davis

Paras and At-Risk Aides
Kandy Ellis
Photo of Kandi Ellis

Michael Stevens
Photo of Michael Stevens
Susan Harder
Photo of Susan Harder
Melissa Schwindt
Photo of Melissa Schwindt
Kayla Carroll
Photo of Kayla Carroll

Becki Ricks
Photo of Becki Ricks  
Patricia Child
Photo of Patricia Child
Anjanette Allbritten
Photo of Anjanette Allbritten

 Janet Shirk
Photo of Janet Shirk
Michelle Truman
Photo of Michelle Truman
Staci Jones
Photo of Staci Jones

Jayme Walker
Photo of Jayme Walker 
Jaray Mathews
Jennifer Harrell
Photo of Jennifer Harrell
Nicole Snider
Photo of Nicole Snider

Julie Seidl
Photo of Julie Seidl
Angela Smith
Photo of Angela Smith
Debbie Lewis
Photo of Debbie Lewis

Ashlee Barrientos
     Photo of Ashlee Barrientos    

Amber Fortine
Photo of Amber Fortine

Jailyn Folster
Photo of Jailyn Folster

Adalyn McCarty
Photo of Adalyn McCarty
Kira Eddy-Ortiz
Photo of Kira Eddy-Ortiz
 Bethanie Francis
Photo of Bethanie Francis
Food Service
Beulah Dahna
   Photo of Beulah Dahna  

Lora Alexander
     Photo of Lora Alexander  
Chris Osborne
Photo of Chris Osborne

Faith Dawson
Photo of Faith Dawson
 Yola Foster
Photo of Yola Foster
Christina Garcia
Photo of Christina Garcia