The following curriculum web pages are designed to help staff identify the guaranteed and viable curriculum for each subject area/course, locate specific instructional resources and assessments, and provide opportunities for embedded staff development.

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USD 262 Curriculum Forms

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Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Timeline

 Kansas College and Career Ready Standards

In 2010, the Kansas State Board of Education adopted new Kansas State Board of Education adopted new Kansas College and Career Ready Standards in both Math and English Language Arts.  These new standards are aligned to the Common Core State Standards and include additional standards important to the learning of Kansas students.  Parent Resources by PTA for the Common Core Standards:  Parent's Guide to Student Success (handouts for each grade level).

KSDE website for the Common Core:  Access to all Kansas College and Career Ready Standards

During the past three years our teachers have been busy learning about and beginning implementation of the Common Core State Standards in both Mathematics and English Language Arts. These Standards are bringing about very positive and welcome change in the classroom by fostering higher levels if thinking and problem solving. In addition, they set the bar for the use of effective communication skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening within all subject areas and will help us ensure that our students are better prepared for college, career, and life!

State Assessments

Accountability Systems for State Assessment Scores
You may have recently heard that Kansas has a new accountability system when it comes to the use of our state assessment scores. The former system of accountability known as Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) that was created under the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) has now changed to a four part model that uses Annual Measurable Objectives (AMOs) as its basis. To learn more about each of the four new accountability measures, please check out the new parent and community resources by clicking here. Simply scroll down the page until you see the Videos for Parents/Community Members section. There are also helpful Fact Sheets that further explain each measure.

Learning Support Team
Executive Director of Academic Affairs - Adelyn Soellner
Director of Technology - Josh Huffman
ESOL Coordinator - Amy Zwetow